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Posted by Jean Pollack in Clients Feedback

Doctor Pollack has provided me a safe and gentle place to become aware and heal from multiple traumas. She is knowledgeable in EMDR, life coaching, management moving forward/coping skills and healthy parenting/family behavior changes. Her compassion and encouragement continue to help, continue to help, move…

We Listen

Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, Counseling

When you need guidance through a specific situation or just need someone to listen when you’re overwhelmed, your personal 1-on-1 Coach is waiting to help.


Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, Relationship Coaching

Do you want to have a breakthrough, a new start with your business, relationships, health or movement toward dreams? Tony Robbins suggests these steps and I use them with my coaching clients: 1. Be Resourceful – you may tell yourself you can’t move forward because…