Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, Relationship Coaching 09 Jan 2017

Do you want to have a breakthrough, a new start with your business, relationships, health or movement toward dreams?

Tony Robbins suggests these steps and I use them with my coaching clients:

1. Be Resourceful – you may tell yourself you can’t move forward because you font have the resources (time, money, connections or ability etc.) but being Resourceful makes you successful.

2. Have a strategy and use the right strategy at the right time. Seek the advise of other successful people who are using the right strategies (financial gain, weight loss, successful relationships etc) and apply them at the right time.

3. Tell yourself a different story. If you tell yourself I can’t lose weight because I’m big boned or its in my DNA, tell yourself another story, like I have to increase my metabolism and cut down on sugar and white products and the amount I’m eating or instead of saying I never have enough money, tell yourself I will start to save a little at a time and discipline myself.

4. State/Determine how you think and feel. Remember times when you were successful, happy, empowered and take it into your present self and breathe it in during the day as many times as possible.

5. Life Coaching is a great way to get the support and focus you need to breakthrough any area of your life. Call or go online and make a phone, Skype or in person appointment.

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