Relationship Distractions

Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, Counseling

During the past few months I have seen an increase in anxiety and depression in couples in therapy who have developed a habit of not communicating with each other. There are many distractions that take away from focusing on their relationship. This happens because they…

We Listen

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When you need guidance through a specific situation or just need someone to listen when you’re overwhelmed, your personal 1-on-1 Coach is waiting to help.


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Do you want to have a breakthrough, a new start with your business, relationships, health or movement toward dreams? Tony Robbins suggests these steps and I use them with my coaching clients: 1. Be Resourceful – you may tell yourself you can’t move forward because…

Challenged Finding Well-Being and Beauty?

Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, Life

Inner beauty makes you look and feel younger. It is not reflected by whether you wear Lancôme make-up. Instead, inner beauty and well-being are all about your lifestyle—including what you eat, how in touch you are with your body, and how you treat yourself. *…