Challenged Finding Well-Being and Beauty?


Challenged Finding Well-Being and Beauty?

Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, Life 16 Mar 2016


Inner beauty makes you look and feel younger. It is not reflected by whether you wear Lancôme make-up. Instead, inner beauty and well-being are all about your lifestyle—including what you eat, how in touch you are with your body, and how you treat yourself.

* Do you reward yourself with positive comments to raise your own self-esteem and self-confidence?

* Are you living within your passion and purpose every day?

* Does your physical need for positive feedback or perfection make you overreach and deflate your  ability to be kind to yourself first?

* Do you set healthy boundaries?

* How do you nurture balance between accepting who and where you are versus striving for your dreams?

Botox and plastic surgery are a couple of ways people choose to make themselves look younger, yet these are often risky and expensive. These are short-term substitutes, not long-term ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

Your cells need nutrition to stay energized and young. This means healthy nourishment such as dark greens, vegetables, and whole grains in proportion to your desires for chocolate or wine. It also means making time for exercise. Making time for friends and yourself. Balancing the needs and wants of your partner, children, and job. Healthy living is about living a healthy lifestyle with balance.

Remaining balanced in spite of all of life’s demands and pressures is not an easy task. That’s why people cut corners and go straight for the botox. It’s a quick way to raise self-esteem and appear younger to those around you. But how long do these quick fixes really last? How do they make you feel inside? Is that not the most important aspect of well-being—your feelings toward your own self and longevity?

Beauty is reflected in accepting yourself and moving toward what you love, even if for a few minutes each day. I myself enjoy dancing so every day I find/make a few minutes to dance playfully or deeply while I listen to music. Maybe we cannot have everything we love right now but we can certainly move ourselves in the direction of more of it! As a life coach, I can help you to move in your direction of health, beauty, and life purpose one step at a time.

With my life coaching, you will achieve balance between you inner and outer beauty so you can truly live within your healthiest well-being. Well-being is beauty. Learn more at

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