Quick, Easy Ways to Improve Romance in Your Bedroom with Feng Shui


Quick, Easy Ways to Improve Romance in Your Bedroom with Feng Shui

Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, General, Relationship Coaching, Relationship Counseling 26 Mar 2018

With such busy schedules and hectic lives, we need to make our 1:1 time with loved ones as connected and enjoyable as possible to sustain a healthy, happy relationship.

What is Feng Shui and how can it improve romance in your relationships? Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.
Feng shui has some simple concepts to apply in the bedroom to improve your energy and romance. According to
* The wall directly behind your head when you are in bed is a wall that can block your dreams if you do not have something inspiring, romantic, or beautiful there.

*A romantic scene or two beautiful flowers (only 2) not a bunch unless you want many to join you in your relationship, or two beautiful animals, but not a picture of yourself, alone, unless you want to stay alone.

Here are some other simple tips for attracting love and improving romance using Feng Shui.

*Get a good solid headboard

*Freshen up your bedsheets and linens

*Remove extra pillows or stuffed animals

*Colorize your walls and window treatments

*Carefully select your bedroom art

*Get rid of the television

*Get rid of work in your bedroom

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