What is Your Love Language?


What is Your Love Language?

Posted by Jean Pollack in Coaching, Counseling, General, Relationship Coaching, Relationship Counseling 04 Sep 2018

Why can’t you and your partner understand and communicate with each other? You love each other. You try very hard to make each other happy, but at times it feels as though you are speaking a different language. With that comes a sense of helplessness, resentment and at times overall frustration that can lead to emotional withdrawal.

How can you easily learn to communicate more effectively? In my past article, What is Your Communication Style?, I discussed why it is important to understand  your partner’s style of communication so that you can be in sync with each other and make communication both easier and more rewarding. What is your love language? Are we speaking different languages?

What type of love language do you speak?

Here is a quiz you can take to get a sense of what your love language is, a tool to help you understand each other. For example, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages, everyone has a way of expressing and receiving  love. By understanding your partner’s language, you can more easily meet each other’s love needs. These are the five types:

  • Words of affirmation: verbal appreciation and validation are important
  • Quality: giving your partner 1:1 time
  • Receiving gifts: gifts are very important
  • Acts of service: doing for your partner is important
  • Physical touch: affection, touch and closeness are important

When you have an understanding of what makes your partner feel loved, you can discuss your shared lives and create a plan to improve your ability to meet one another’s needs. Relationship coaching is a very effective way to start the process of improving your communication and in effect, the quality of your relationship.



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