My relationship coaching practice is based on my many years of working with people who want healthy relationships and my work with couples and families. My coaching method helps people open up, communicate, and resolve their differences.

I also have many years of experience as a psychologist and conflict mediator. I have a PhD in Integrative Medicine, which means I look at the total person and help you to create personalized, healthy relationship goals.

You will be given goals to work on in-between sessions so that you can quickly move toward a happier, more healthy, and intimate relationship with your loved one.

During our chat, you can tell me everything you think I need to know about your relationship or marriage and I’ll assess whether or not I can help. I’m positive that I can help if you are motivated to change!

I’ll answer any questions you have about relationship and/or parenting coaching so you feel 100% sure about moving forward with me. Should we both choose to work together, we’ll clarify what you want to get out of our coaching relationship and then schedule our first coaching session.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Let’s get started!